Mila is a cave girl and Walter's niece. She is voiced by Kaysie Chase in the French version, and Jessica DiCicco in the English dub. In the pilot, she's voiced by Nika Futterman in the English dub.

Appearance Edit

Mila is relatively small compared to Walter. She has tan skin and spiky black hair, usually tied up in a big, short ponytail, using a light red scrunchie and wears a brown-gray necklace with a crimson-red object around her neck, and yellow clothing.

In her original design, Mila was concepted as a fair-skinned girl with light red heart-shaped blush on her face, three visible eyelashes, dark cyan eyes, blonde hair (with a different hairstyle) tied up in big pigtails, and red clothing with a cerise pattern.[1] It is possibly because that this design was unfitting, being a cave girl.

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